As an illustrator I know the struggle of trying to break into the children’s book industry. It is a very tight circle with very high standards and objectives. As I have developed as an artist and designer I have also grown a certain amount of business sense which has bought me to writing this blog.

After years of research and working for other people helping them bring their stories to life I decided I would like to create something of my own. I would like more creative freedom and more financial compensation for all the hard work I put in. With the huge technology leaps over the past few years it is now possible to create and publish your own children’s book with no money what’s so ever. I decided this is something every creative person should know about and have access to. Publishing is no longer ruled by the giant companies and corporations. Anyone can create a children’s book, share it with the world and make money.

As I embark on my journey of publishing my own children’s book I will be writing about every step through this blog. I will be very specific and share every step and tool I use throughout the process. Feel free to join me and create a children's book of your own.