Friday, July 27, 2012

Marketing through Facebook

Over my first two weeks of marketing the book Facebook has been my biggest sales tool. It has generated many sales and put the word out to all my friends that the book is here and available. Many of my Facebook friends were already aware that I was creating a book as I often post links to this blog. I have also had many friends write their own posts about my book which then informed all their friends. I also think this could be a good way to continuously update people and remind them about the book and how it’s going.

Once I was happy with the website and my books had arrived I simply set up a product page on Facebook and invited all my friends. I then put a post on my wall with a link to the website and invited them to comment and give me feedback. I had an overwhelming response. I got 18 comments on the post and 40 likes. The page got 24 likes and the actual website now has 112 likes. I think this is not only good for letting people know about the book but it also means everyone that enters my website sees my likes and automatically gains more respect for the book.

Sales have been going really well, at the moment I am only selling books through the website and to people in person where ever I go. I am working at setting up more channels however it's a work in progress. Stay tuned and don’t forget to like this blog:)

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